My teaching expertise focuses on political and social aspects of European integration and European comparative politics. Currently, I teach courses on international politics and political sociology of globalization at UC3M.

I have been awarded the Associate Professor (Contratada Doctora) certificate in Political Science issued by the Spanish Evaluation and Certification Agency ANECA.

Between 2012 and 2016, I was a lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology at the University of Granada. While at UGR, I have taught the following undergraduate-level courses (in Spanish):

  • The Political System of the European Union
  • The Political and Legal System of the European Union
  • Political Systems of Europe and America
  • Introduction to Political Science

I  have also lead courses on Spanish politics, EU & European politics, and the topic of migration as part of international university teaching programmes (in English) at Centro de Lenguas Modernas (University of Granada) and IES Study Abroad Granada.

I have been a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of International and Political Studies, at the University of Lodz and the Institute for Political Science and International Studies of the Jagiellonski University in Cracow, Poland, both visits developed within the framework of the Erasmus Teaching Mobility Programme.