About me

I am an Assistant Professor and a Juan de la Cierva- Incorporación Fellow (2021-2024) at the Department of Social Sciences at the University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) and a member of the Carlos III – Juan March Institute (IC3JM).

In the past, I have been the recipient of a Juan de la Cierva-Formación fellowship to join the Department at UC3M (2017-2019) and a Visiting Fellow at the European Institute at the London School of Economics and Political Science (2018/2019). Before joining the Department at UC3M in Madrid, I have been a Visiting Scholar at The Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies (CES) at Harvard University (2016/2017). Since 2017, I have been a member of the Steering Committee of the ECPR Standing Group on Identity.

My principal research interests lie in the field of European Union politics, political sociology of European integration and globalization. In my work, I focus on political identities and attitudes towards the European Union and explore the role of public opinion and elite positions in regional integration and globalization. I am also interested in the impact of transnational mobility on attitudes and identities and the role of new technologies in restructuring political conflict in Europe.

Currently, I am the PI of the project “Measuring European Socio-Political Integration through the Lens of Social Media: An Advanced Big Data Approach” (UE-MEASURE) funded by the Regional Government of Madrid, and a member of the research team in the project “Value Conflicts in a Differentiated Europe: The Impact of Digital Media on Value Polarisation in Europe” (ValCon), funded by the Volkswagen Foundation (2020-2023).

In my research, I mostly use quantitative methods (especially applied to cross-national datasets analysis to explore the importance of context). I also have significant experience with qualitative approaches, as I have participated in projects that relied on in-depth interviews and (social) media discourse analysis.

My academic experience is markedly interdisciplinary (international relations, ethnicity studies, political science, political sociology) and international. I studied in Poland, and the Netherlands, defended my PhD in Spain, and developed research visits in Hungary, Germany, Italy, and the USA. I am fluent in Polish, English, and Spanish and have a working knowledge of German and French.

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