Article on Spanish euroscepticism published in SESP

Our article with Pepe Real on the development of public and party-based euroscepticism in Spain after the economic crisis has been published ahead of print in
South European Societies & Politics
. Details below:

José Real-Dato  & Aleksandra Sojka. 2020. “The Rise of (Faulty) Euroscepticism? The Impact of a Decade of Crises in Spain,” South European Societies and Politics, 

Euroscepticism in Spain has so far constituted a marginal phenomenon. A decade of political and economic crises could, however, be setting the stage for rising Spanish opposition to the European Union (EU). By analysing recent survey data and party manifestos, we verify to what extent this might be the case. We find that both public and party-based euroscepticism has gained ground in the traditionally euro-optimist Spanish context over the period under study. We argue, however, that such critical stances towards the EU do not constitute a fundamental turn against the process of integration in Spain. Rather, the country has witnessed the rise of ‘faulty’ euroscepticism rooted in the domestic political crisis.

Keywords: European integration, European Union, public opinion, political parties, party positions, political trust, Podemos, Vox